Why is there no new content?

Traveling in various ways – by bike, hitchhiking, on foot, in a mobile home or with animals – living in an environment that is hardly shaped by humans, a long period of survival in the big cities of Europe without a cent in my pockets and ordinary periods also shaped the last years of my life.

I wanted to run a blog to shed light on such a lifestyle and to share the insights I learned and experienced from it.

To present not only the most beautiful highlights, but also the hard sides of such a life – they are rarely shown in public, especially in times of social media.

I’m not suggesting that it’s not worth it – but there is much more to be learned from life’s difficulties.

So why am I not writing regularly?

Simply said – I don´t have the resources.

At the moment my focus is on other things, and even if I would like it to be different (paradoxically), this project is just not important enough to me.

Maybe someday, even if I don’t think so at the moment. I will definitely travel again, but now there are more important things to do!

We have a lot to do in the coming decade to make our life on earth sustainable, and I hope as many people as possible will participate in the change 🙂

If you want to get in contact – just write me an email. We can then also exchange numbers! nicolaigraf@protonmail.com

Thank you for reading, feel hugged and have faith in life.