The hanging tent

Night fell before we reached base camp – no problem with the hanging tent

Probably the most comfortable & mobile overnight accommodation in the forest

I had used all kinds of sleeping mats for years before I spent my first nights in a hammock, and I was downright shocked.

These nights put everything before them in the darkest shade in terms of comfort.

And I’m not exaggerating.

I don’t know of any more pleasant way to spend the night outside than in a hammock.

This applies not only to the purely physical comfort, but also to the fact that you don’t isolate yourself from nature like in a tent.

In a tent or bivi you are like in a shoebox and cannot see the beautiful nature around you, especially if it rains for a long time.

This is not the case with the hammock – the view around you is free, and when it rains you still have dry forest floor under you 🙂

a look from the hammock

“But Nicolai – don’t you get back pain when you hang around so crookedly?”

My experience is this:

Absolutly not.

On the contrary!

Many years before my nights in the hanging tent, I had back pain, which I slowly got under control with the necessary experience and regularity of stretching & yoga.

But after every night that I’ve spent in the hammock, after one big yawn and stretch, I feel immediately fit for the day!

Even if I get one (of the few) mattresses that fit my back, I prefer the hammock by far.

This is mainly due to the fact that the hammock practically “hugs” you and thus your weight is distributed over a much larger area.

When I once had a room in Hamburg, I even made something there to hang up my hammock 😉

I would like to put the entire set-up of a hanging tent from my heart to heart for every outdoor enthusiast.

The components

super traveling tarp – the rab siltarp 2

What do you need for a floating overnight accommodation that keeps you warm, dry, cozy & safe above the ground?

  • (of course) a hammock
  • 2x suspension
  • tarp / tarpaulin as protection against moisture
  • suspension + posibility to anchor the tarp in the ground
  • Do not forget! Isolation from below, i.e. Sleeping mat or underquilt
  • Sleeping bag, blanket or quilt
  • Also important: a hammock has to be hung up correctly, otherwise it can be uncomfortable. Get help or read in!

I will soon be happy to go into detail about the components and pass on my experiences and tips.

You may also visit, you will find everthing you need, want or propably possibly could know about hammocks there.

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