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I would like to make this area of ​​the site available to other travelers who would like to share their texts, pictures, experiences, expression in music – what is important to them – without having to manage a blog or getting lost in social media.


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Shell and I met in the summer of 2020 working for Nabu, the biggest and older nature protection club in Germany.

She told me about her idea of traveling to Italy by bike, which was of course interesting for me as I planed to ride my bike to Marseille, which is pretty much the same direction.

We agreed to travel together for some time and I wanted to shared as much as possible of my experience, tips & tricks of traveling.

I’m currently on this bike trip to find out where my limits are and to push them. Life has a lot to offer and I want to experience as much of it as possible, as long as my earthly shell still works


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