130 kilometres in one day

A lot has happened since I last wrote on this blog, I have been travelling on my own for the first time!

About 30 kilometres separated us from Zurich when Nicolai and I decided to continue our journeys each on our own. We hiked a trail up into the mountains before breakfast and looked at the beautiful panorama that almost looked like a jungle. There were a lot of plants and we even saw a few bunkers.

After we came back to our camp we packed all of our stuff together and said bye to one another.

It was quite easy to find Zurich, I just had to go south – so I just followed the sun. This way to navigate was completely new for me and I really enjoyed it.

I wanted to go to a squatted house in the ‘Kochareal’ in the city and asked around for it until an elderly man with a bicycle shirt showed me the way with a knowing smile on his lips.

When I arrived I first didn’t see anybody because it was quite late. But than I saw two guys sitting outside on a bench. When I talked to them they told me that they didn’t squat the house but were there because of some kind of theatre. We talked and they invited me to a party in a park called ‘Letten’ near the main river ‘Limmat’. It was quite a relieve to talk in Spanish to them, because I didn’t really get Swiss.

At the party I met three young adults with whom I spent the next few days parting, doing hikes and visiting cool places. I planned to work, but it didn’t really work out so I decided to continue my travels.

The view from the Uetliberg

I really enjoyed spending time with Hakim, Sofie and Rudolfo, and I was welcomed warm-hearted in their home. But I also enjoyed the internet and comfort of civilisation a little too much and when I started to get ready to hit the road again I got really excited.

The next stop was Bern, where I met someone very special – Ariel. He and Nicolai met on a trip a few years ago.

On the way to Bern I met a very interesting human being, who is named Anthony. He was travelling since 2013 nonstop and had only one tiny backpack with him. And that was it! I was impressed and decided to get rid of as many of my things as possible when the next opportunity revealed itself. (You can check his Instagram out if you are interested!)

I ode 130 kilometres to Bern from a little forrest called ‘Devils basement’ (which is a nature reservat that hasn’t been touched by humans since 1999, the year I was born) from Zurich and spent about 8 1/2 hours on my bike. I only had short breaks to eat a little and drink from the fountains that can be found almost everywhere in Switzerland.

When I arrived late at night in Bern I was pleasantly surprised (again) by the kindness and the open mind of my host Ariel. We spent the whole evening contemplating about life, drumming and playing the guitar.

My next goal is to cross the Alps. I am deeply moved by the giant mountains in front of me and I’m beginning to wonder what kind of challenge I got myself into.

I’m sending good vibes to the universe so my bike doesn’t break down on top of one of the mountains and I make it to Italy safe & sound.

See ya ✨

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my hammock as my new best friend

For almost 3 weeks now we are traveling by bike through southern Germany and I start to sink in more and more into the world of traveling and its many tales:

What it means to recieve hospitality, which parts of life I had not even recognise and that I really didn’t need all the luxury I felt essencial to have.

It is incredible how many good hearted people I meet.

I start to fundamentally question my image of man, and generally start to be and act more aware. To push my body almost every day strengthens my mind as well.

I cannot imagine a life without physical challenges anymore, especially because I am just starting to learn about what it is capable of….

And I am thrilled.

To stand on top of a mountain

– having pulled up myself, my bike and all my essentials –

crying & laughing, gives me a feeling of freedom I rarely felt in life.

And I love it.

to get invited to camp in the garden, woken up with freshly brewed coffee…

to install my camp in the roof of an old barn, having found work for a couple of days….

to renovate a house together with people we never knew before and getting to know each other better and better…

to get access to a flat, recharge & reorganise…

to get free food on the way and all the help I need with the bike, should a part have gone on its own journey…

To lay down in my hammock at night gives me a feeling of coming home and slowly the time before sleep starts to get a certain routine. How all the things I need to have at hand quickly get there own place, how to lay my sleeping bag as to get in quickly (especially when it´s cold!) and how to get into it so it doesn’t swing around like I´m on a ship.

All the things I carry start to be in useful order, still changing place from time to time and yet I feel like it is finally getting into their temporary final place.

This adventure definitively has big potential and I’m exited to see what’s to come.

The decision to go on this trip surely is on of the best I made in my life!

-Shell 🙂

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