my hammock as my new best friend

For almost 3 weeks now we are traveling by bike through southern Germany and I start to sink in more and more into the world of traveling and its many tales:

What it means to recieve hospitality, which parts of life I had not even recognise and that I really didn’t need all the luxury I felt essencial to have.

It is incredible how many good hearted people I meet.

I start to fundamentally question my image of man, and generally start to be and act more aware. To push my body almost every day strengthens my mind as well.

I cannot imagine a life without physical challenges anymore, especially because I am just starting to learn about what it is capable of….

And I am thrilled.

To stand on top of a mountain

– having pulled up myself, my bike and all my essentials –

crying & laughing, gives me a feeling of freedom I rarely felt in life.

And I love it.

to get invited to camp in the garden, woken up with freshly brewed coffee…

to install my camp in the roof of an old barn, having found work for a couple of days….

to renovate a house together with people we never knew before and getting to know each other better and better…

to get access to a flat, recharge & reorganise…

to get free food on the way and all the help I need with the bike, should a part have gone on its own journey…

To lay down in my hammock at night gives me a feeling of coming home and slowly the time before sleep starts to get a certain routine. How all the things I need to have at hand quickly get there own place, how to lay my sleeping bag as to get in quickly (especially when it´s cold!) and how to get into it so it doesn’t swing around like I´m on a ship.

All the things I carry start to be in useful order, still changing place from time to time and yet I feel like it is finally getting into their temporary final place.

This adventure definitively has big potential and I’m exited to see what’s to come.

The decision to go on this trip surely is on of the best I made in my life!

-Shell 🙂

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